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Lobby the Treasury on the Tenant Tax

There is a new Chancellor and we need your help to lobby him on the Tenant Tax – otherwise known as Section 24 of the Finance Act 2015.

Despite over a year of intense lobbying, officials in the Treasury have told landlords they cannot imagine how the tax impacts on tenants.  So we thought we’d make it real simple, draw them a picture and send it to them on a postcard. 

A picture tells a thousand words.  Just choose the image you want to send, fill in your details and hit submit.  You will then see a copy of the email you are going to send and be asked to confirm you are happy to send the email.  You will receive a copy of the email in your inbox and any replies from the Treasury will go directly to you. Delivery of your email confirmation may not be immediate, and remember to check your junk mail periodically as it may show up there instead.

By filling out this form you give NLA the right to re-publish your information in printed postcard format for the purpose of this campaign only. Your data will be subject to both NLA’s and TFA’s privacy policies, and will not be passed on to third parties.

We have to warn Philip Hammond of the tax bombshell that he has inherited from his predecessor. He needs to understand the impact the Chancellor’s tax hike will have on their local communities and crucially how the impacts will trickle down to tenants. 

Help us urge the Treasury to #rethinkthetenanttax

Section 24 Finance Act 2015: Restriction of deduction for Finance Costs.
By making borrowing more expensive, you will force landlords to hike up rents to compensate, putting the affordability of housing at risk for many tenants across the UK. Please rethink this Tenant Tax!

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